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Would you like to enjoy Onsen in Japan?
There are a variety of Onsen places in Japan.

Before enjoying Onsen or public bath, it is good to know the bathing manners.

Here are tips that you want to know bathing manners in Japan.

Who may be denied entering Onsen or Public bath?

People who fall under any of categories may be refused by staffs of Onsen facilities.

  • Tattoos
    At most of Onsen or public bath, people with tattoo including fashonable or cultural tatoo may be denied because we Japanese still generally recognize of people with tattoo as yakuzas or gangsters.
    If you are worried about it, check the website of Onsen facilities which you go. You can usually enjoy Onsen with a private bathtub, not publice bathtub.
  • Drunk
  • Sick or fevers
  • Bleeding or ladies on their periods

What items should I bring to Onsen with me?

At most of major Onsen facilities or public bath, you can buy or borrow towels, soap and shompoo there and basically you can go there empty-handed.

But at some Onsen or public facilities, no towels can not be bought or borrowed.
So, it is good to check the website of Onsen facilities before heading for Onsen or public facilities.

Here are items that you can enjoy Onsen more.

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  • A headband
  • A Towel
  • Your favorite soap And shampoo

11 Steps for enjoying Onsen or public bath

  1. Take off your shoes when entering the facilities.
  2. Pay the entrance fee (Advanced payment system)
  3. Check the sign of Mans (男) and Women (女) and get into the dressing room.
  4. Put off your underwear when you enter the bathroom.
  5. Take a small towel with you to the bathroom.
    No phone or camera can not be accepted to bring into the bathroom.
  6. Get into the bathtub after washing and rinsing away the soap and shampoo on your body.
    Be careful not to throw water or soap foam to other people.
  7. Enter the bathtub gently and slowly.
    Pay attention to your children not to run or pee in the bathroom.
  8. Do not put your towel or your hair in the bathtub.
  9. Do not use the shampoo or wash your body in the bathtub.
  10. Do not wash clothes in the bathroom.
  11. Dry off yourself before coming back to the undressing room.

Here is another tip with image.


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Enjoy Onsen or public bath!

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