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What are voltage and a plug in Japan? Where to buy transformer in Tokyo?

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You might be anxious about a voltage and a plug in Tokyo, Japan before your departure. Or would you like to know where you can purchase plugs in Tokyo? Here are tips about a voltage and a plug in Japan.   Map of the world coloured by voltage and frequency Voltage and frequency in Eastern Japan including Tokyo is 100V/50Hz. Reference: Wikipedia Map of the world coloured by type of plug Type of plug in whole of Japan is type A. Type B is available for some facilities in Japan, but it is rare. It is good to prepare for type A. Reference: Wikipedia Type of plug in shapes Type of・・・

Could you tell me how to enjoy Onsen? Bathing manners

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Would you like to enjoy Onsen in Japan? There are a variety of Onsen places in Japan. Before enjoying Onsen or public bath, it is good to know the bathing manners. Here are tips that you want to know bathing manners in Japan. Who may be denied entering Onsen or Public bath? People who fall under any of categories may be refused by staffs of Onsen facilities. Tattoos At most of Onsen or public bath, people with tattoo including fashonable or cultural tatoo may be denied because we Japanese still generally recognize of people with tattoo as yakuzas or gangsters. If you are worried about it, check the website of・・・

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