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Would you like to go to see the beautiful cherry-blossoms (Hanami) in Spring in Japan?

Hanami is not only the symbol of Spring in Japan, but also the symbol of Japanese identity.


I am sure that foreign tourists are impressed by the beautiful cherry-blossoms.

Here are the best place to go to see the beautiful cherry-blossoms (Hanami) in Tokyo.

The best place for the beautiful cherry-blossoms (Hanami) in Tokyo

Hanami information by Walker Plus


This information is for 2016, but you can get the best place for Hanami except for information recently issued their cherry blossom.

2017 will be published around March.

(Japanese only)

The beautiful cherry-blossoms at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

You can see gorgeous cherry-blossoms at the garden of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

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The entrance fee is free for sightseeing.

(Japanese only)


If you would like to have a gorgeous lunch, Hotel Chinzanso would be one of the best place.

Check recent information for information recently issued their cherry blossom before visiting there.

(English, Chinese, Korean)

The beautiful cherry-blossoms in Edogawabashi, bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


You can enjoy gorgeous cherry-blossoms (Hanami) along Kanda river near Edogawabahi Station, Yurakucho line.

(Japanese only)


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