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If you are interested in viewing the castle in the sky Echizen Ono Castle, here is the tip to  get to the view point for you.


 How to get the view the Echizen Ono Castle

Three are three routes to shooting spots for the castle in the sky Echizen Ono Castle.

In order to see the sea of clouds of “Castle in the sky Echizen Ono castle”, you need to go to the Minami Maru in the Inuyama (Iwanayama Castle) located about 1 km west of Echizen Ono Castle.

There are three Inuyama climbing course to go to the shooting spot.

How to get to the view point: From major cities to JR Echizen Ono (JR Etsumihoku Line)

Access from:

  • Chubu International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Narita International Airport



How to get to the view point: From Ono city to the view point


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Three routes for the view point

Fist of all, take a look at the slides.

No.1 course which is Kuwakake course (鍬掛くわかけコース) is easiest to get to the view point.
http://www.onocastle.net/skycastle/photo/ Japanese only

Maps from JR Echizen Ono Sta. to the starting points of those three trails:

  1. Kuwakake course (鍬掛(くわかけ)コース: easy)
    Echizen Ono Sta. to the starting point of No.1 route:
    https://goo.gl/maps/Tro52nhP4PC2 (By taxi: 8 min)
    https://goo.gl/maps/RDweRY3WUHR2 (On foot: 28 min)
  2. Hotaru no Sato Course (ほたるの里コース: mederate)
  3. Mikura Shimizu course (みくら清水コース: hard)

Attention that you need to climb on foot to get to the view points for all of three routes.



Please read cautionary notes carefully before visiting the view points.


Japanese only. Please read it with your translating tool.



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